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Creating Steampunk Panic (Part 8)

The purpose of these Dev Logs will be to share with everyone the creation process for Steampunk Panic. A way to look behind the curtain, so to say. Some of these Dev Logs will be simple, others will give plenty of in-depth explanation for how things work or why things were done the way they were.

Official Name

I have finally settled on the name for the project! Based upon the game art that I’m using and the overall feel of the game, this project shall be known as Steampunk Panic! I will be going back to all previous blog entries and changing the temp project name to the official game.

The Journey So Far

The purpose of Steampunk Panic, aside from putting out a fun game that I liked, was to tackle new challenges for Eat the Moon’s game framework. I wanted to pursue an online game that also had an offline component, leaderboards, non-consumable purchases (such as removing ads), and Android support. Android support was done earlier and everything else is now completed!

I’m just waiting on final artwork for the game and its UI, music, sound effects, game logo, an app icon and then polish!

Offline Mode

If a player starts Steampunk Panic and they don’t have an internet connection, the game goes into an offline mode. This mode allows players to practice on the easy game mode against their own personal best high score. There are no ads, no continues, and no leaderboards. At any time, the player can turn on their internet and hit the connect button in the game and they will sync up and go online.

Online Mode

As long as the game is in online mode, the player will have access to the leaderboard features and get one continue per game. Likewise, while online, the player will see an ad every X games and if they want to use the continue, they watch an ad.

(this player gets a free continue, because they removed ads)

If, during the course of gameplay, the player’s phone/tablet loses internet connection when trying to submit scores or trying to start a game, the game will inform the player that the server couldn’t be reached due to no internet connection, and they can enable their internet and try again or go into offline mode. It was important to make sure that, if a player is playing online and is about to submit their score to the leaderboard and loses internet connection, they can attempt to re-send the data without losing that progress.


Like most games that live on ads, I also allow for the purchase of the “Remove Ads” non-consumable purchase. Since I have no XP, levels, or currency to earn in the game, I wanted to provide something else of value that removing the ads can provide. So, I opted for the ability to set your player name’s color on the leaderboard.

(dat prototype layout tho…)

Also, if the player decided to watch an ad in order to continue, the game counter for when to show an ad will reset, that way the player won’t be shown an ad immediately after they continue.

For example:

Start Game #1: No ad
Start Game #2: Ad
Start Game #3: No ad
Continue Game #3: Ad
Start Game #4: No ad
Start Game #5: Ad.

Leaderboard Rewards?

Since the leaderboard scores are all validated on the server, I could also provide free ad removal upgrades as prizes from special limited-time leaderboard events to the top X ranks. I haven’t added such a feature, but the possibility is there and I’m pretty excited to try it!

Coming Up

UI dialog concept art is currently underway, hopefully with stuff to show in the next couple days!

Then we’ll be creating final art for the dialogs and the game UI itself, then onto the game logo!

I’ve been checking out various music samples, trying to finalize the game music as well.

I can’t wait to share more of this process with you in the next couple Dev Logs!