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Behind The Curtains Of Our Next Game!

Hey everyone! After the massive 1.3 update for Idle Realm was completed and pushed live, I took some time off with family and friends for the holidays. During that time, a game idea popped into my head and I decided to make a quick prototype of the game mechanics one weekend and really enjoyed the result!

This next project doesn’t have an official name yet, so I will be calling it Re:Hit for a while until the game’s theme and art style are decided.

Re:Hit is going to be a fast-paced reaction-speed testing score chaser with online leaderboard support.

This project will allow me to explore some features that I want to add into Idle Realm (online leaderboard support, better server validation, more robust server code), tackle non-consumable in-app purchases (Idle Realm does consumables just fine, but doesn’t have non-consumables), and most importantly: provide the Android specific code that is needed to release my games on Android!

My hope is that once Re:Hit is completed, I can roll of this new code into the core Eat the Moon code base and Idle Realm, Taco Cat Taco, and all future games can reap the benefits.

Instead of just creating the game in a vacuum and then releasing it, I have decided to share the process with everyone! So, the next several dev log posts will share the creation process of this game, with prototype images, design decisions, concept art and more! I can’t wait to share this process, and the game, with you soon!