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Eat the Moon, LLC
Washington, USA

Founding Date

March 27, 2017

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What we do

We make mobile games! Our focus is not on one type of genre or one particular game, but to hit lots of genres and to just make games! For kids, for adults, for everyone!

How we got here

Our studio was unofficially started back in September of 2016. After several years in the mobile industry, our game developer, Michael, decided to try the indie developer route and create a mobile game. After prototyping a simple resource management clicker game, he felt that there was something new that he could bring to the idle genre and decided to double-down on this idea. Melissa and Roz then joined as our artists, with Nick joining as our writer. The four of us then pushed hard to bring Idle Realm into the light and to share it with the world!

Why we do it

At Eat the Moon, our mission is very simple: create fun games that we actually enjoy and want to play, then share them with the world! If we aren't having fun, chances are, our audience won't be having fun. Thankfully, the process of making games is also a ton of fun, so it's a win-win all around!

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Eat the Moon, Black

Eat the Moon, White

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