Idle Realm

A mashup of the idle clicker, kingdom builder, resource management and map exploration genres! Will you be able to convert your small town into a huge, sprawling empire?

Time to Build!

The world has changed and you wake up in a strange new land.

Alone, you harvest the resources of the land to build a campfire to stay warm. Staring at the campfire, your mind wanders and you start to think about how to build a house. With the house built, someone arrives to help out.

More thinking around the campfire yields new ways to work the land. You start building more houses, followed by new buildings to help with harvesting the land, until you have a small group of people helping you out. Ideas for processing your natural resources start to pay off, enabling the scouting of nearby and expansion with new settlements.

You went from being alone to being in charge of a community, an empire!

Your civilization finds wild animals and hostile people who are threats to your empire and you subdue them. Mysterious ruins are found and you explore them. Old relics of an older time surface and provide new meaning to the land you woke up on and start to provide new paths to pursue.

This, and more, awaits you in Idle Realm!  

Gameplay that is easy to pick up!

* Harvest resources by tapping the land!

* Automate resource gathering by building buildings!

* Unlock new buildings by using research!

* Scout the land to find more resources and enemies!

* Defeat your enemies via brute force or by using diplomacy!

* Build new settlements to expand your domain!

* Find old relics to unlock the mysteries of the strange new land!


Idle Realm

Available now on iOS!

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