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Steampunk Panic

A fast-paced, reaction speed score chaser!

A new, pick-up-and-play, arcade style game that will push a player's decision making and reaction speed skills to the limit as they chase high scores on a global leaderboard! Easy to learn gameplay: simply tap any of the four buttons that are lit! Tapping an unlit button, or waiting too long, will end the game! Several button types to keep you on your toes!

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Idle Realm

An idle kingdom building exploration game!

Do you like idle games? How about civilization building games? Exploration games? Then you are in luck! With Idle Realm, we set out to build an idle game where you are in charge of building a new kingdom on a mysterious new land. Tap the land to harvest natural resources, build houses to attract citizens, then create buildings to automate resource collection! But like any kingdom, you'll need to expand your borders in order to claim more land so you can build, build, build!

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Taco Cat Taco

A color and pattern recognition game for kids (and adults)!

Tacos made with ground beef, grandpa's jeans and some angry bees? Sure, why not! Taco Cat Taco is a fun color and pattern recognition game that is simple to learn and easy to play! Dress up a kitty with various clothing pieces unlocked by playing the game! Gameplay that is fun for the whole family and really works your hand-eye coordination!

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